Why you are not too young to undergo varicose vein treatment

13th September 2018 by Daryll Baker0

The common surmise that it’s only older people who suffer from varicose veins and spider veins bares little truth. Granted, age is a factor in the onset of varicose veins but whilst the risk increases after the age of 50, young people can get varicose veins as well.

One of the principle causes of varicose veins is hereditary. When this common condition is caused by hereditary, it can affect young adults and even teenagers.

Pregnancy is another leading cause of varicose veins, as is the use of birth control pills, obesity and hormonal imbalances during puberty and the menopause.

With this unsightly condition affecting all ages, treatment for varicose veins is not confined to older people.

It could be argued that treating varicose veins in younger patients is more effective, as younger skin is less disposed to scarring than more mature skin and healing rates are increased with younger patients.

Like with any condition, the sooner varicose veins are treated, the better.

If you are worried about varicose veins regardless of your age, speak to a vascular expert about the different treatment options available to you and which treatment is likely to be the best for the severity of your varicose veins.

Effective treatment for varicose veins include:

* Varicose vein surgery

* Endovenous laser

* Radiofrequency ablation

* Varicose vein avulsions

* Non-surgical treatments including compression stockings and the use of horse chestnut extracts

Help prevent varicose veins

Whilst varicose veins caused by hereditary is usually unavoidable, there are several lifestyle changes people of all ages can make to help avoid the onset of this common condition. These steps include:

* Getting regular exercise

* Watching your weight

* Losing weight

* Avoid wearing high heels

* Elevating your legs

* Avoid standing or sitting for long periods

If you would like to discuss varicose veins and the different forms of treatment for the condition, get in touch with the Vascular Consultancy, specialists in vascular health and providing effective treatment for vascular conditions including varicose veins.

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