Varicose veins treatments on the rise as older men become increasingly body-conscious

28th May 2016 by Daryll Baker

Long gone are the days when body-consciousness was confined to women. Research reveals that more and more men are spending more time and money on getting their bodies ‘beach ready.’ Though it’s not just the quest to lose flabby bits and gain more chiselled cheek bones that are high on body-conscious men’s agendas.

It has been reported that increased demand for operations to remove varicose veins is being driven by men. According to research conducted by Veincentre, specialists in removing varicose veins, demand to remove veins that have become enlarged and are often twisted and purple in appearance, increased by as much as 30 percent in 2015.

Men now account for a third of Veincentre’s patients, an increase from one in five just four years ago in 2012.

Dr. David West, who founded the organisation, told The Telegraph how men are progressively becoming more conscious about the way they look.

“They [men] want to bare their legs in shorts, and feel confident going cycling and swimming,” said Dr. West.

Whilst men and women suffer from varicose veins in equal proportions, traditionally it has been women that have sought treatment for the condition.

What causes varicose veins?

Varicose veins develop when the tiny valves in the veins fail to work as they should.  Instead of the blood flowing smoothly to the heart as it does in a healthy vein, with varicose veins as the vales are damaged or weak, the blood flows backwards and collects in the vein, resulting in the vein becoming enlarged and swollen.

Varicose veins tend to affect older people, those who are overweight and pregnant ladies.

What are the treatments for varicose veins?

There are several ways to treat varicose veins, including both surgical and non-surgical options. Non-surgical options include taking regular exercise, raising the affected leg whilst resting and using compression stockings for several months.

More invasive procedures to remove unsightly varicose veins include foam sclerotherapy, which uses special foam to close the vein, endovenous thermal ablation that uses either laser or radiofrequency, and open vein stripping, which involves surgery to remove the affected veins.

If you require any advice or information about varicose veins and how to treat them, get in contact with Daryll Baker of The Vascular Consultancy. Daryll Baker is a leading specialist in the UK on the diagnosis and treatment options for varicose veins and other venous problems.


Daryll Baker is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital London and Clinical Lead for North Central Region Vascular Services.

He read Medicine at Oxford University and trained in Vascular Surgery in Nottingham, London and Edinburgh. He obtained his research PhD from the University of Wales.


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