Treatment – Endovenous laser

Endovenous laser

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This procedure aims at removing the superficial veins by cauterising them.

Usually the actual varicosities have to be removed separately.


The long saphenous vein is cannulated using an ultrasound machine


The laser wire is passed up the superficial vein to the groin


The position of the tip of the laser probe is confirmed in the groin


The laser is switched on and the vein is cauterised along its length by pulling the  wire out slowly

After the procedure, which can be done under local or general anaesthetic, bandages will be applied and you will be able to go home.


Daryll Baker is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital London and Clinical Lead for North Central Region Vascular Services.

He read Medicine at Oxford University and trained in Vascular Surgery in Nottingham, London and Edinburgh. He obtained his research PhD from the University of Wales.


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