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To get the best results venous problems are best undertaken by a vascular expert who has experience and access to the many investigations and treatment modalities now available. Outlined are the different ways of treating different venous problems. Click on the one you are interested in.

Please be advised that this website contains graphic medical imagery

vein surgery

Surgiclal treatment for varicose veins is well established and has been improving over many years. It is now usually undertaken as a day case, with you…

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This procedure aims at removing the superficial veins by cauterising them. Usually the actual varicosities have to be removed separately.

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A high frequency electrical current heats the vein until it closes. The vein is first identified and with ultrasound and the probe passed up to where the superficial…

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Varicose vein

This is the removal of obvious varicosities from your leg and is sometimes called Phebectomies. The leg varicose veins are first be marked with you standing…

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Non-surgical treatment
of varicose veins

There are several different ways of treating your varicose veins and invasive interventions are not always what you may want or need.

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Thread vein

This treatment is rarely available on the NHS and is undertaken by several specialists including nurses and other therapists. It is wise to consult a vein…

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Thread Vein
Skin Laser

Laser therapy is used to treat thread veins less than a millimetre in diameter. Pulses of laser at 595 to 600 nm cause the blood in the vein to coagulate and so destroy…

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Leg ulcer

Treatment requires expert nursing care and consists of getting the wound clean and then stimulating skin to cover the wound as well as treating the underlying…

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Common venous

There are several tests that can be undertaken to get more information about your veins. The most common one is a duplex ultrasound scan which can detect…

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Superficial Phlebitis

Thrombophlebitis is the name given to inflammation of the wall of a vein associated with thrombosis. Blood clots are the cause of thrombophlebitis.

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Daryll Baker is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital London and Clinical Lead for North Central Region Vascular Services.

He read Medicine at Oxford University and trained in Vascular Surgery in Nottingham, London and Edinburgh. He obtained his research PhD from the University of Wales.


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