How juice therapy could effectively treat varicose veins

11th October 2016 by Daryll Baker0

Juice therapy is associated with many different aspects of health and wellbeing – losing weight, improving the immune system and aiding clear skin, are just three. Though did you know juice therapy can also be an effective treatment for varicose veins?

Instead of using more invasive methods to treat varicose veins, such as surgery or laser treatment, doctors are beginning to recognise the effectiveness of raw juice therapy for improving the severity of varicose veins.

Varicose veins are caused when valves leak, resulting in blood pooling in the legs. When the veins become engorged with blood, the valves are less efficient. This pooling of blood causes the veins to stretch and bulging and swelling to occur.

The causes of varicose veins range from carrying excess weight, insufficient exercise, standing still for lengthy periods of time and pregnancy.

The abundance of nutrients and vitamins found in raw juice help to strengthen the walls of the veins.  These essential nutrients are effective in breaking down hard protein deposits, which can accumulate in the veins and hinder the flow of blood.

So which fruits and vegetables should be present in raw juice therapy designed to improve the condition of varicose veins?

As the Herald news writes:

“Dark berries, including cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and dark grapes and currants have a high concentration of flavonoids and other natural chemicals that strengthen blood vessel walls and help less varicose veins.”

Other fruits and veg, including cranberries, carrots, oranges, strawberries and spinach, all contain high amounts of nutrients that can help break down hard protein deposits in the veins and strengthen the vein walls. Containing an enzyme known as bromelain, which is effective in breaking down blood clots, which can be a serious side-effect of varicose veins, pineapple is another great ingredient to include in raw juice therapy designed to treat varicose veins. recommends those suffering with varicose veins embark on a juice detoxification programme in order to restore the nutritional balance in the body. By restoring the nutritional balance, the body will start to reduce the size and severity of the varicose veins.

JuiceTherapy also recommends cutting back on highly processed foods, refined sugars, red meats, dairy products, smoking and alcohol. It is also recommended that following a complete juice detoxification programme, any one aiming to improve varicose veins should have a diet that is at least 80 percent raw plant based.

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