How to improve the appearance of thread veins

27th August 2018 by Daryll Baker0

Thread veins are tiny red and purple blood vessels that appear on the surface of the skin, predominantly on the face and legs. Resembling small spider webs, thread veins are also known as spider veins. Medically, the condition is referred to as Telangiectasias.

Several factors contribute to the onset of thread veins, including age, poor blood circulation, heredity, birth control pills, a history of blood clots, obesity, standing or sitting for long periods, hormonal fluctuations, and exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Whilst there is no ‘magic cure’ for eliminating thread veins, there are certain steps we can take to improve the appearance of these undesirable and pesky little veins.

Eat plenty of ginger

Ginger is well-known for improving the blood circulation and thereby giving the health of our veins a boost. Ginger also helps break up the blood protein fibrin, which congregates and builds up around less well-functioning veins. If you are taking medication for blood pressure, it is important to seek medical advice before taking supplementary ginger.

Enjoy a regular message

Now you’ve got an excuse to be regularly messaged! Message is one of the simplest ways to improve the circulation of the blood, which can help reduce inflammation and pain and if you suffer from thread veins, can improve their appearance.

Take regular exercise

Exercise is paramount to improving the blood circulation in our bodies, which is a leading cause of thread veins, particularly on the legs. Exercise gets the heart pumping blood around the body, improving circulation and giving the veins strength and support. Carrying out sensible amounts of exercise regularly, can make a notable difference to the appearance of thread veins.

Moderate exercise several times a week helps avert weight gain and obesity, preventing the onset of more serious venous conditions.

Elevate your legs

If you suffer from thread veins on your legs, one way to help reduce the severity of these tiny, unwanted veins is to elevate your legs regularly, to improve the circulation of blood to the affected areas and relieve the pressure in the veins.

Get your thread veins treated

If you are really concerned with the appearance of thread veins on your face or body, you could investigate having them medically treated, through micro-sclerotherapy or skin laser.

The Vascular Consultancy offers treatment for thread veins and other common vascular conditions. Contact the Vascular Consultancy to book an initial consultation about having thread veins medically treated.

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