How Endovascular Laser Ablation is effective in eliminating varicose veins

9th August 2016 by Daryll Baker0

There is a number of ways to treat varicose veins, including several non-surgical options. One such treatment is a procedure known as Endovascular Laser Ablation. Endovascular Laser Ablation is a common type of treatment for patients suffering from larger varicose veins that create heavy and tired legs, which is often accompanied by swelling, pain and ulcers in the legs.

Endovascular Laser Ablation tends to be a replacement for an older varicose vein treatment, which involved vein stripping and the affected veins being removed. The newer technique of Endovascular Laser Ablation comprises of a laser being used to generate heat into an affected vein. This intense, localised heat essentially closes the vein off over time and enables the body to absorb it.

As the Herald News notes in an article about Endovascular Laser Ablation, the ultimate aim of this type of treatment is to reduce both the symptoms and the complication risks varicose veins can cause, such as clots occurring in the blood.

A catheter is used to direct the heat to close the affected vein. Unlike the vein stripping procedure, Endovascular Laser Ablation creates less bleeding and bruising, meaning recovery time is often quicker for the patient. Not only this, but this less invasive method only requires the use of needle punctures opposed to incisions into the skin.

As the Herald News writes:

“The less invasive nature of this therapy allows the patient to return to normal activities soon after the procedure, and results in less pain and similar cosmetic results compared to stripping surgery.”

Endovascular Laser Ablation is typically carried out under a local anaesthetic and patients are usually able to go home the same day. It is also typical that normal activities can be resumed after a day or two following the Endovascular Laser Ablation procedure. However, despite patients’ legs looking and feeling better in the immediate wake of the treatment, with some patients it will take 1 or 2 weeks to detect any improvements.

The Vascular Consultancy carries out a number of treatments for varicose veins, including Endovascular Laser Ablation, as well as Radiofrequency Ablation, Varicose Vein Surgery, Varicose Vein Avulsions, amongst others.

For more information on the Vascular Consultancy’s varicose veins treatments, including Endovascular Laser Ablation, get in touch with the Vascular Consultancy.

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